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Computer Organization and Architecture


    1 to 2 Months


    1 to 2 Hours

  • FEE

    From: ₹ 2000

About Course

In general terms, the architecture of a computer system can be considered as a catalogue of tools or attributes that are visible to the user such as instruction sets, number of bits used for data, addressing techniques, etc. Whereas, Organization of a computer system defines the way system is structured so that all those catalogued tools can be used. The significant components of Computer organization are ALU, CPU, memory and memory organization.


Before learning the concepts of Computer Architecture and Organization, you should have a basic knowledge prior to Computer Architecture, basic functional units of a computer system, etc.

How to Apply

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Fees and Funding

50 % of Total fee amount Should pay after 2-3 class and next 50% after Completion of 50 % course.


Amit Kumar

Trannier cum Programmer.

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